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NYC – Hugo & Marie

I first learned of the New York City based creative agency Hugo & Marie during my time in Belgium last summer when I visited Mr. Henry. Their work has been … Continue reading

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NYC – Part II

Tuesday began with Mireille and I hunting for a place with less than an hour’s wait to have breakfast. We ended up getting coffee at the café below her apartment … Continue reading

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NYC – Part I

I was only there five days, but I really enjoyed what I saw of NYC over the New Year’s holiday. Despite the bitter cold and wind I had a great … Continue reading

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Salt Lake City

I went to Salt Lake City over the pre-Halloween weekend. Almost everybody I told about it responded with, “What? …why!?” Mostly to visit a very good friend, but also because … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Jazz

Last week a friend I made this summer in CPH was in Denver for a few days. I threw together a quick pdf book of our Thursday night. The interactive … Continue reading

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Flight Madness

I have always had amazing luck with travel including the transportation part. Not so much this time. Due to some horrendous weather and various other delays I ended up getting … Continue reading

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Florida, the sunshine state.

I’ve just gotten back from a spring break trip to FL with some friends. We split most of our time between Miami and Key West. I went running on the … Continue reading

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Here I Am Again (in San Francisco)

Actually we (me and the friend I went to visit) drove all over up and down the coast. I convinced him to go to Solvang, the little Danish replica village. … Continue reading

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Road Trip: Denver to San Fran

One of my best friends invited me to come along on a road trip to San Francisco with her last week. I just got back from Europe, but I have … Continue reading

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