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Week Four in Copenhagen

A new friend of mine here has a band, and he invited me to come see them open a show at a club (KB18) in the Meatpacking district (Kødbyen) of … Continue reading

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Week Three in Copenhagen

I completed my first full week at work, and I already have projects to start on. I’m so happy to jump in right away and have something to dig into. The … Continue reading

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The best place in Copenhagen to hang out with dead Danes – Week Two

I did a lot of walking over the Easter break. It helped me reacquaint myself with Nørrebro, which is the same neighbourhood I used to live in when I was … Continue reading

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Tillykke you are now a Copenhagener – Week One

Well, guys, I went and did it. I quit my job, and I moved to Denmark. I woke up one cloudy morning in Denver, checked my email, and couldn’t believe … Continue reading

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Nordic Bliss

Hi guys. Life has been very busy since I returned from my holiday spent in the Nordic countries. I’m slowly getting my photos, footage, and handwritten journal notes sorted out, … Continue reading

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River of Stockholm

Hello friends. As most of you know I always try to combine my leisure travel with some continued learning. I’ve recently returned from my summer holiday so you know what … Continue reading

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Copenhagen, oh how I love thee

As ecstatic as I was to attend Roskilde Festival again, I think I was just as excited to be back in Copenhagen. It feels like a second home to me … Continue reading

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Let the record state that Jess and I got kicked out of a bar in Brussels yesterday. I don’t speak French, but I read enough high fashion articles to know … Continue reading

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I love Antwerp! I love fries! I love architecture! I’m so tired, but I feel great because I just took longest shower I have ever taken in a hostel! There’s … Continue reading

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Hey there, Mr. Henry

Have no idea what I’m talking about below? Read this post for context. Having explored Antwerp a bit the previous afternoon I found the address for Mr. Henry pretty easily. … Continue reading

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Hello, Flink!

Have no idea what I’m talking about below? Read this post for context. Getting from my friends’ home in Larum (near Geel) to Antwerp went smoothly enough, but finding our … Continue reading

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So I’m a swot

Last year when I was studying in Copenhagen our class visited several interactive agencies and architecture groups to gain insight into Scandinavian design practices and organizational styles. It was a … Continue reading

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