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River of Stockholm

Hello friends. As most of you know I always try to combine my leisure travel with some continued learning. I’ve recently returned from my summer holiday so you know what … Continue reading

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NYC – Hugo & Marie

I first learned of the New York City based creative agency Hugo & Marie during my time in Belgium last summer when I visited Mr. Henry. Their work has been … Continue reading

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Hey there, Mr. Henry

Have no idea what I’m talking about below? Read this post for context. Having explored Antwerp a bit the previous afternoon I found the address for Mr. Henry pretty easily. … Continue reading

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Hello, Flink!

Have no idea what I’m talking about below? Read this post for context. Getting from my friends’ home in Larum (near Geel) to Antwerp went smoothly enough, but finding our … Continue reading

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So I’m a swot

Last year when I was studying in Copenhagen our class visited several interactive agencies and architecture groups to gain insight into Scandinavian design practices and organizational styles. It was a … Continue reading

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June 12th 2012

Thank You. No, not you. That’s the name of the studio we visited today. I had to climb, huff, and puff to get to the top of another cute but … Continue reading

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June 08th 2012

There was no chance of me getting lost today because our scheduled visit to Kea the design/tech school was 2 minutes from my door. On foot. I felt really silly … Continue reading

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June 07 2012

Took my second trip to Malmö today! This time with the entire class… We spent some time looking at some new architecturally interesting developments, playgrounds, the turning torso, and a … Continue reading

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June 06 2012

Today we visited Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID). Alie Rose showed us some really, really incredible student work and told us about the origin of the program. I still have no … Continue reading

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June 05 2012

Today we visited Gehl Architects where Jeff Risom (who is originally from Boulder, CO!) talked with us about designing cities to be livable. I have so many great notes nestled inside … Continue reading

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June 04 2012

Today was a long day, but a good day nonetheless (I don’t really have bad days here…not yet anyway). I do, however, feel a bit worn out now. First on … Continue reading

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June 01 2012

I was really looking forward to today because it was time for our visit to INDEX: Design to Improve Life, the nonprofit organization that we watched a video about and … Continue reading

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