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Week Four in Copenhagen

A new friend of mine here has a band, and he invited me to come see them open a show at a club (KB18) in the Meatpacking district (Kødbyen) of Vesterbro. I’ll admit I was expecting a group of buddies just kind of jamming on stage, but all three bands that played were really good and well coordinated.

My friend’s band, Eerie Glue, is lo-fi grunge rock that alternates between a nearly shoe-gaze feel and Cobain having a musical tantrum. Clearly I am not a music critic, but that’s the best way I can describe it, and they’re good at it.

Eerie Glue playing at KB18

Eerie Glue playing at KB18

The next band, called simply “Molly” has a bit of a following here in Denmark, and they fall into a garage punk type category for me. Also really good performers, and I saw that they’ll be playing Roskilde this summer so I’ll probably go watch them again.

The guy in the foreground was probably about 80 years old still rocking out

The guy in the foreground was probably about 80 years old still rocking out

The third band, Dune Rats, is actually pretty famous I guess. They’re from Australia and play punky ska rock with… a stoner twist? Wow, I really suck at writing about music. But anyway, they have mad stage presence, and after the show I found them to be all around nice guys to chat with as well.


The club, KB18, has a nice atmosphere, and it was full of friendly people. I met a couple of awesome Swedish girls and a very chill Norwegian guy (who looks more like a PacSun SoCal surfer guy than a buttoned up Scandinavian) that gave me a ride to my apartment on the back of his bike. Very generous, considering the distance, the hour (2 AM), and the fact that I am not exactly petite.

We’ve had sublime weather here most of the week: blue skies, warm temps, barely-there breezes, and almost no clouds to speak of.


Even the cranes are color coordinated with the buildings in Copenhagen. I love “Danish Yellow.”


Everything is in bloom. I call the top row of flowers “egg flowers” because of the obvious white/yolk resemblance.


Guys having a morning chat at the lake.

Thursday was the queen’s 75th birthday, and that is a big deal here. The number of Danish flags on everything tripled, and there were celebrating people hanging out of open windows all day. I was pretty happy because we got an extra special lunch prepared for the occasion.

People lined the streets to see the queen go by, and one of my workmates came back to the office bragging that the queen waved right to her, haha. The streets were littered with those little handheld Danish flags for the rest of the week.

This was the day before her birthday when (I'm guessing) they were rehearsing for the parade.

All the queen’s horses, and all the queen’s men. This was the day before her birthday when (I’m guessing) they were rehearsing for the parade.

On Friday I met up with Tasja and her friend from Middelfart who just moved here. We met a couple of Australians at our table (yes, more Australians – they’re everywhere, and I love it), and one of them invited us to come see him DJ the next night. It was at a gin bar called The Bird & The Churchkey on Gammel Strand in the trendy area of Indre By.

It’s a nice bar – classy, people dress up a little more, but still cozy and very Danish with people smoking, playing dice games, and sitting together at group tables. And both our Australian tablemate from the night before and his DJ partner were terrific. (Okay, after some Facebook stalking, I now know the DJ partner is Fars Plader) Several times that night I saw people pause and point to the ceiling with that “they’re playing my song!” grin.

Interesting wall art choices by our table at The Bird & The Churchkey

Interesting wall art choices by our table at The Bird & The Churchkey

This was my 4th week already in Copenhagen. It’s dizzying how quickly a month slips by. I feel like I rent time from the universe, and at the end of each week or month or year I’m always so surprised that it’s already time to turn it back in to the ghost of calendars past. “Thank you for renting the month of April 2015. Please return it to the location nearest you and collect your bucket of memories upon receipt.”


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