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NYC – Part II

Tuesday began with Mireille and I hunting for a place with less than an hour’s wait to have breakfast. We ended up getting coffee at the café below her apartment and hitting the little Asian market on the corner to buy omelet ingredients.

Charming little coffee shop below M's apartment

Charming little coffee shop below M’s apartment

I spent the afternoon checking things off my dutiful tourist list: Central Park, Empire State, Rockefeller Christmas Tree, 5th Ave. I was in people-watching paradise. I really enjoyed the opportunity to walk and watch and think. To see things only a visitor would notice. It doesn’t take many months of living somewhere before you go blind again.

That night Mireille and I pre-gamed NYE with some delicious Chinese dumplings, and then we headed to her friend’s house party to ring in the New Year. On the way back people on the train were dancing and singing and sharing alcohol with perfect strangers.

One girl broke out a joint and people seemed to think it was such a novel and rebellious act. I was very amused over how giddy it made them. I’m from Colorado where smoking weed in public is hardly (if at all) noteworthy anymore.

Mireille and I stopped into a sandwich bar between the train and her apartment, and at the time, I was convinced it was the best sub I’d ever had. I’ve forgotten the name of the place despite Mireille reminding me several times. The rude-humor names of the sandwiches alone were worth a few moments of appreciation.

Wednesday came around fast. A few of Mireille’s friends were hosting brunch at their place, and thankfully somebody made me a great cup of French pressed. I had a really great conversation with a guy I met there named Jaques.

He’s one of those rare people who actually listens to what you are saying and then gives it some thought before responding. How refreshing! He does social and market research for Eyeball. They produce some really intriguing work that’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to browse.

He listens and he cleans. Amazing.

He listens AND he cleans. Amazing.

Mireille & I

Mireille & I

M's friend's very cute place where we had brunch

M’s friend’s very cute place where we had brunch

I spent my last afternoon in NYC exploring Ground Zero, Tribeca, and Battery Park before packing up and heading back to the airport.

Ground Zero was surreal for me. I feel that I can still only comprehend a fraction of the impact of what happened there. Very heavy place.

More photos on Flickr, here


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