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Copenhagen, oh how I love thee

As ecstatic as I was to attend Roskilde Festival again, I think I was just as excited to be back in Copenhagen. It feels like a second home to me over there. It was so, SO nice to stay with my friends and revisit some of the places I became quite fond of last year. I was able to spend more time just hanging out than I did previously when I had to visit hit and run style due to my schedule being filled up with school-related things.

Jess and I got back to Copenhagen from our short trip to Belgium right as the Copenhagen Jazz Festival was getting into full swing. When we went to rent bikes I met a fellow Coloradan who was there along with some friends to play a few shows for the festival – pretty cool. He’s based in NOLA now, but still, what a small world. If any of you are Jazz fans his name is Matthew Shilling – you could probably Google him.

Because of the festival there were free jazz events going on all over the city. They created the most wonderful ambiance. Music seemed to float out from everywhere, big groups of people danced in the public squares, the weather was perfect… ah – it could not have been a prettier scene.

Pages and pages of my paper journal are filled with awesome things I got to see and do, but I will have to type up the most interesting parts another time. I’m experiencing the expected post-trip exhaustion, and on top of that things are REALLY busy at work right now. Summertime! Pedal to the metal!


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