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I love Antwerp! I love fries! I love architecture! I’m so tired, but I feel great because I just took longest shower I have ever taken in a hostel!

There’s that joke about how if it’s Tuesday we must be in Belgium. Well Belgium is not boring, and I’m here on Tuesday because that happened to be the day after Roskilde Festival ended. I’ve been wanting to go to Belgium (especially Antwerp) ever since I had to pass it on the train to Amsterdam last winter. Then I read about Belgium online some more and decided I really needed to get there eventually. And here I am! I’d even be here if the timing had happened to work on a Friday, so there.

Jess and I have covered a lot of ground so far. Almost immediately we went on a fry hunt. We saw a couple of guys sitting on a bench eating a good looking selection of them so we consulted them for fry advice. They were from Canada, and they highly recommended the fries just across the beautiful town square we were standing within. They offered us a sample, and we were sold. The hard part is deciding what flavor mayonnaise to smother the things in.

After that we went to see the vlaeykensgang alley and the insanely tall, ornate clock tower. I kept making poor Jess stop so I could take pictures of signs/posters with awesome designs and typefaces. We didn’t have much of a plan for yesterday so we just started wandering and ended up walking along the de Meir fashion area/shopping street before turning around to go back toward the river… or maybe it’s considered a canal. The architecture all around this area is a dream to look at. While we were along the canal two French-speaking guys shouted and waved at us until we stopped. All of that was so that they could tell us, “The two of you make a good match!” Hm… Thanks? Jess and I were confused.

Later, not far from there, a car full of French-speaking guys stopped in the cross-walk and wouldn’t let us by while they called and gestured at us. I got impatient and walked behind their car, and then they put it in reverse and tried to hit us! Which they thought was hilarious, of course. Is this how guys pick up girls in this city? All pretty funny in hindsight.

As it was beginning to get dark Jess and I got lost in what we gradually realized was the Jewish neighborhood of Antwerp. Jess’s cutoffs and tank top didn’t exactly blend in with the fashion there, and they caused one boy to nearly crash his bike. I kid you not. I didn’t laugh. I really wanted to. I know, I’m terrible. Well as you all know I could write forever, but I have to get a move on, so I will leave you with some more photos:

One more:


This looks like a scene from a film to me. The little girl out on the balcony watching the evening traffic rush by… I can almost hear the soundtrack in my head.


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