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Tales from an American girl living in Denmark

8th-9th of July – Belgium Bound!

We made it to Belgium!!! The drive from Copenhagen didn’t even seem that long. Maybe that’s because I slept a lot of the way, and I wasn’t the one driving. Or maybe it’s because we were going insanely fast on the German freeways. Jess and I were like… :O … 🙂 The ferry from Denmark to Germany was a highlight, too. The view and the buffet were both sooo good. Somewhere along the way to Belgium we stopped and had to pay a euro to use the toilet. I’d forgotten that you have to pay for the toilets in some places.

When we got to Willem’s house I was surprised that we were already in Belgium. Stinus told me I should have known as soon as the roads went from butter smooth to launching us like popcorn. Okay, it wasn’t that bad. But the Belgian roads are definitely less… consistent. Then the guys showed us into where we would be sleeping – a little garden cottage that doubled as Willem’s mom’s art studio. It’s the kind of place you can confidently use the adjective LOVELY to describe. The boys disappeared for a few minutes and then reappeared with drinks galore and a seemingly fresh store of energy. Note that this was around 3 AM.

At first I was thinking about how exhausted Jess and I were, how I was getting sicker, and how I needed my brain to be at least semi-functioning for my agency visits in Antwerp the next day… But after a few minutes of conversation I thought, NO. stop. There is nothing more important right now that being awake and talking with wonderful people that you might never see or hear the stories of again. I’ve gotten into this absolutely awful habit of thinking “I’ll video it and watch it later – gotta go gotta go gotta go.” I think a lot of the world has the same bad habit.

So when I snap into reality and realize I’m actually looking at what my eyes are seeing I have to scold myself for carelessly taking that for granted, and then I do the best I can to enjoy the hell out of that individual, impossible to duplicate moment. Somebody somewhere once said, “Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.” I count myself as one of the lucky ones who have 🙂

Excuse the sappy end to this blog. Not that it’ll hurt you to quit being such a nonchalant lil hipster for 5 minutes anyway.

I do hope I see the guys again. They were awesome hosts and a blast to hang out with at Roskilde the week before, too. Stinus even put up with me dragging him through the front of the insane Crystal Castles pit – what a sport.


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