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Roskilde 2013!

Last year Roskilde stole my heart right from chest and sent me off with a smug “see you next year” smile. I told all the campmates and friends I’d become so close to during those 10 days how I hoped I’d be able to go again, but it wasn’t likely due to work and blah blah. Ha, yeah, good one Ash. I’m almost finished packing up the pieces of this year’s Roskilde that I’ll be hauling along with me for the rest of this trip. Once again I’m exhausted, dirty, and happy as a clam.

I wish I could remember every single little thing and cherish it forever. I know some of the details will eventually fade, but Roskilde is one of those things that creates memories that have you grinning a year later even though you’re thousands of miles away in your own bed instead huddled inside a tent full of grungy-mugged festival friends.

Most of my friends from last year are here (though I really missed a few who weren’t… looking at you Shila & Line :P), and I made a handful of new ones that kept me laughing (looking at you Maria and Harold). Our camp was very international again this year. I think we had Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Israel, Brazil/UK, and the U.S. I’m thankful that Eve and Johan helped to organize it all again. Speaking of Eve, camp quote of the year goes to her with, “So Tasja, you have a boyfriend, but how serious is it?” I wish I could have a picture of the troublemaker expression on her face as she asked. SUCH a flirt, that one.

I saw too many shows to count on both hands and feet, and the majority of them were fantastic! Highlights sticking out in my brain right now are Metallica, Volbeat, Sigur Rós, Kreator, Of Monsters and Men, and Crystal Castles (Alice Glass Alice Glass Alice Glass… swoon). Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna were the only true disappointments, but they’re not really my kind of music so nothing surprising there. I got punched in the face (by accident) in the front of the Rihanna pit, yet I walked away from Slipknot and Metallica unharmed… How’s that for ironic?

This year I tried to go to more festival community activities than I did last year, but I still only got to a few. Roskilde has a way of being very distracting. Two of my favorites were the Finnish Sauna by the swimming lake, and interactive art project called The Velvet State.  What they do at The Velvet State is really intriguing – I will try to write a separate blog about my experience inside of it, and some of the other social initiatives at Roskilde that are also really commendable.

Gotta quit scribbling now – I need to finish packing up so that I can meet up with Stinus and his crew. It’s just about time to hit the road to Belgium, woooooHOO!



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