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Ground: I’ve covered it.

Since the time I posted my Switzerland update, I have visited Rome, Berlin, and Prague. Unfortunately my iPhone was stolen yesterday in Prague and a lot of my pictures along with it 😦 Oh well, ain’t no thang – iPhones can be replaced, moments spent pouting in Europe because your iPhone was stolen can’t be replaced! Luckily I have a lot of great pictures on my little digital camera, but since I’m on an iPad I don’t have any way to upload them for now.

In Rome I covered every tourist attraction possible, accidentally stumbled upon a free concert in a piazza with some pretty good bands (mostly Italian & French), and ate enough Gelato for a lifetime. At the concert a nice man named Leonardo approached me, and after we had chatted a while he showed me around the city and took me to a place that served pizza that was… divine. That is the best word for it. He then helped me navigate the crazy Italian bus system which was even crazier due to the transportation strike going on there right now. He was a sweetheart – I love hearing about a city from the people who actually live there so I feel lucky to have met him. And just in case you don’t already know… Rome is HOT in the summer. Phhhew. Here are a few pictures that I managed to sync to iCloud before my phone was stolen:

After Rome I headed to Berlin, which was more my style in comparison to Italy. Back to coats and scarves and drizzly weather! I really like Berlin – definitely on my return-to-someday-sooner-rather-than-later list. I did a mix of touristy stuff and spontaneous social stuff. I met some really nice English kids in my hostel that I went out with one night, the next I met up with an Australian friend that I originally met in CPH last month, and the following night I randomly met a guy from Alaska who goes to Yale, and we went out for a DELICIOUS German dinner. Life’s been good guys! I’m running out of time to write, so here’s the only picture I have from Berlin I can upload without a laptop:


This was in an old deserted warehouse on the East side that my Australian friend, Tom, and I walked for over an hour in the rain to get to. We thought we were alone, but there was a band filming a music video on the 3rd floor. How random! Ah, good memories.

It was hard to leave Berlin, but I hopped a train to Prague and spent a few fun days and nights there before I headed back here, to Denmark! My phone got stolen, as I mentioned, but that was the only bad thing that happened. I hit it off with a couple of Canadian guys from my hostel (Jodon & Mike), and we explored the city together. And what a city it is. The architecture is so beautiful – gothic, romantic, and laced with the heaviness of the city’s colored history. The guys and I went out for a nice Czech dinner, and I have to say it was interesting, but pretty good. I also spent some time with a group of Brazilian guys and Irish girls who had combined into one large, super loud mega-group. That was quite a night. I met another insanely energetic Australian that night, too. Ah, I love people. Especially traveling people. I wish I could just sit and listen to all of their stories for hours and hours. Priceless πŸ˜€

Me, in Prague

Me, in Prague

This hardly does the beauty of this place any justice. I can't wait to upload the pix from my other camera!

This hardly does the beauty of this place any justice. I can’t wait to upload the pix from my other camera!

That’s it for now. I’m about to lose wifi because I’m on my way to Roskilde Festival – I’m so excited! I can’t believe it’s already almost July!


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