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June 17, 2012 – Hallo!

I’m in Switzerland! Interlaken, specifically.

It’s indescribable.

This is me having a picnic in a field where a farmer was bailing hay.



My grandpa would be so delighted. I’ll definitely have to send him some pictures of the crops here.

This picture doesn’t even do the reality of this place any justice, but still, wow:Interlaken


Story: I went for a walk searching for food last night, heard music, followed it, and accidentally ended up at a festival. I walked up to a group sitting together outside their RV and asked them what was going on. Turns out Greenfield Festival was going on, and before I knew it the guys were helping me over the fence and making jokes about how an American girl just fell out of the sky right before their eyes.

They ended up feeding me, hydrating me, buying me a festival pass (!!!), and letting me camp with them. I tried to understand their French, they tried to understand my English, and since everybody dances and moshes in the same language that’s what I did. This morning they shared croissants, coffee, and orange juice. I can’t believe how many friendly, generous people I’ve met since leaving the States. Since there’s seven of them and one of crazy ol’ me I’ve been dubbed Snow White.

Greenfield Festival


Today I’ve been hiking a bunch. I’ve covered hours of trails, and I’m literally surrounded by jaw-dropping beauty. Later this evening I’m going back to the festival grounds to catch the second night of bands and hang out with my dwarves (they’re not actually short…).



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