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June 13th 2012

We started our day with a bike ride over to Valby park, and it was so fun! I think TJ must have been pretty ecstatic because this place was playground heaven. Pictures are probably the best way to relay this…so here are a few:

Please note and be impressed that I took that first biking picture in motion over the top of my head behind me and I didn’t fall. Thank you.

I’m really sick today (and no Michelle, not self-poisoned, but sore throat and a fever sick – I promise!), but thanks to Brian’s generous provision of Ibuprofen I limped through stuffy nosed and ashen-faced. This playground we visited/played on has a really neat story behind it – I would love to summarize it for you, but as noted above I’ve gotten sick, and I am short on time as it is! You can read about it yourself here: The playscape is designed by a brilliant lady by the name of Helle Nebelong. You can read about her great philosophy here:

After the park we moved on to the Royal Academy’s MFA thesis show hosted at Charlottenborg. It wasn’t bad, but maybe a little underwhelming to be honest. There was, however, one short film piece I really liked by Maria Meinild titled “Curtain.” I’m not really sure how to describe it, but it’s really beautiful to me, and it definitely made me think.

Before we browsed the show we attended a discussion between Danish journalist Martin Krasnik and German artist Thomas Kilpper. It seemed like more of an argument than a discussion, and the points brought up were really interesting. The topic was tolerance and freedom of speech. I wish I could remember more specific details, but they’re escaping me at the moment, and I didn’t write much down 😦 I do know the controversial Muhammed cartoons from Jyllands-Posten were discussed – a lot to think about there. I’ll have to do some Googling later so that I can understand the context better. For now, here is an article about the interview with Kilpper. If you don’t speak Danish just copy & paste the text into GoogleTranslate. It doesn’t butcher it too bad 🙂



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