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Tales from an American girl living in Denmark

June 08th 2012

There was no chance of me getting lost today because our scheduled visit to Kea the design/tech school was 2 minutes from my door. On foot. I felt really silly when I GoogleMapped it.

Kea’s a pretty cool place – probably one of the most open to diversity that we’ve been to yet. Our speaker told us that there are routinely 30 nationalities in a single class. That keeps any one design perspective from being dominant and really requires everyone involved to think beyond the design ideologies they’ve become accustomed to in their own culture. She explained that it’s difficult sometimes to agree on what good design taste is because it varies so much with cultural background. To keep bias at bay, she tries to look at the target audience and have students conduct thorough user testing. She pointed out that whenever possible it’s important to let people from other cultures add to your design, and not view them as an obstacle. The more insight you have into other cultures, the more promotable and flexible you become as a designer.

Oh, and they had a ginormous community lunch room run by professional chefs! The chefs approached Kea because they thought it was so cool THEY wanted to work there. Haha, awesome. The food was fantastic.


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