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June 04 2012

Today was a long day, but a good day nonetheless (I don’t really have bad days here…not yet anyway). I do, however, feel a bit worn out now.

First on the agenda was a series of projects and sites developed by JDS that we biked around to.  We stopped at the Copenhagen Harbour Baths, and despite the very cold, windy weather the lifeguards we chatted with there said people had already been out to swim today. Alright, I’ll give it to them. Pretty brave. While we were there I found an abandoned coat and pair of heels. I decided to adopt both since they were my size, and it was clearly meant to be.  The coat is the kind that everyone seems to wear here – army green and rain appropriate. Aimee called it “the Danish girl uniform” when she saw me wearing it later. Hahahaaa.

The navigation crew:


Next stop after a long, uphill, windy bike ride was this weird fountain thing… I liked it. I don’t think it has anything to do with JDS. I asked one of my Danish friends who lives in the area about it, and he laughed for a minute before admitting he had no clue what the story behind it was.

Then we went over to “The Mountain” which is this really space-efficient, very Scandinavian looking development JDS did. Talk about light worship. Check out the photos below:

After we spent some time admiring the structures we headed back toward town to meet up with the people over at Antropolegerne. They do something a litte different in that they combine anthropology and what I would consider sociological study with design and marketing. The design work they do is based on improving the lives of the people they observe. Everyone there was very warm and seemed genuinely happy to have us and discuss what they do.

One of our speakers, Cela, the creator of Penguin Army:

 So adorable.

And our host, Rikke:

Wish I could blog more, but I’m out of time for now!


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