To A Whole New Town

Tales from an American girl living in Denmark

June 02 2012

I had a very long night at Distortion last night and ended up walking from Hellerup to Bisbebjerg at 4 AM in torrential rain.  Yeah…it’s a long story.  It was a fantastic night, but the lack of sleep could have put me into a pretty sour mood. My mood was rescued by Louisiana. Wow. Not the state, by the way, but the mind-blowing museum of modern art. We went because it came so highly recommended and it’s obvious why once you’ve been there. Beyond just the artwork, the place itself is gorgeous. My favorite pieces were a part of a featured collection called Pink Caviar. It was so brilliant. As I was wandering through the museum I sat down to watch a few short pieces that had me scratching my head a bit, but in a good way. I couldn’t verbally explain what the message was, but it made sense on a gut level… if that makes sense. 😉

Outside in the gardens there’s a view over the water that had me spellbound.  I just sat and didn’t even want to blink.

I think I could title this one “Dane by the sea”


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