To A Whole New Town

Tales from an American girl living in Denmark

May 28th 2012

We spent the majority of our day on a self-guided bike tour of architecture sites recommended to us by our guide. One of the sites I found interesting was Amerika Plads – it’s a development in a newer area of Copenhagen, and it has a noticeably different feel than the cozy hustle of downtown. It’s very open and airy – clean to the point of almost being sterile. Some of the people in my group didn’t like it and thought it felt like a ghost town. I agree that it doesn’t give off that warm-even-if-it’s-snowing vibe like the inner city does, but I didn’t dislike it. It seems well-designed for a lot of reasons; I think this development just needs some time to grow character. It’s fairly new after all.  Maybe futuristic is a better word that sterile. The area would make a great film set for a future-plotted movie.

A few other interesting pix from today:


This was on the wall yesterday when we passed, and today, to our surprise, the wall was still blank. I highly doubt anyone would have respected a plain and simple note back home!

Here is the artist working on her perfectly white, untouched wall!


And here are some people participating in some sand castle architecture. Way cool!



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