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Tales from an American girl living in Denmark

May 27th 2012

I am sooo tired tonight, but it’s been a super [long] fun day. We started out by biking to Carlsberg Brewery where I saw a beer bottle collection that I wish I had more appreciation for/could show my dad in real time. And by more appreciation for I just mean more background knowledge…I was plenty impressed by all the label designs and sheer amount of bottles in the collection. It’s the largest in the world according to the sign. The tour of the facility we took told the beer’s story from start to finish, and it was really interesting to read about the role branding and marketing took in the beer’s huge international success. Another thing that stood out to me was the company’s approach to employee benefits right from the start. I think happy employees are a key (if not mandatory) ingredient to success. Carlsberg knew that – the US is just now catching on (sort of).  After exploring the old brewery I tried the free beer that came with my ticket, and like so many other things, the Danish do it well.

Next we biked over to a rope installation created by UIWe (we’ll be visiting them soon) and acted like grade school kids again swinging around like monkeys. I was surprisingly coordinated at it. Especially after beer.



Bed now.


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