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Tales from an American girl living in Denmark

May 26th 2012

Today was castle day, and even though I’m not that into royalty and fairy princesses and dragons and stuff I really enjoyed myself. When I think of castles I think of Shrek. Ehr…I digress.

We journeyed to Hillerød by train to spend our day at the Frederiksborg Slot (castle in Danish I believe) and the train ride alone was a visual treat.  We took a small detour when someone directed Michelle to a different castle when she asked directions.  I think that’s kind of what happened anyway – probably a lost in translation thing, but it was a happy mistake because the first castle grounds we went to today were really lovely.  Plus on the way we got to walk through a small, cozy little community of adorable houses that were a nice change from the bustling efficiency of downtown KBH. Miki and I ventured into the gardens and played in the trees, looked at adorable Danish deer, and lost track of time. We had to run back to the train station to catch up with the group. Then the group got misdirected again and we all missed the train anyway. Oh well. Running is good exercise.

My natural habitat

Sitting in a tree castle.

We did end up finding our intended destination and it was beautiful – so much so that I felt a little overwhelmed today trying to take it all in. It’s one of those things where the macro view is stunning, but then you begin to dive in from a micro level and realize you’ve barely scratched the surface of all the treasures a place like this holds. As gawk worthy as the castle’s interior was, I enjoyed myself most meandering around the gardens afterwards.

Later a small group of us sat down for a really good dinner and relaxed in what is truly an idyllic area.


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