To A Whole New Town

Tales from an American girl living in Denmark

May 24th 2012

I woke up this morning to another glorious sunny day. It’s cloudy in Scandinavia if they say it is I suppose. We rode the bus as a group to the welcome meeting at DIS this morning where we got more introductions and quick tips and good lucks. After the welcome presentation we had to do a “scavenger hunt” which was intended to get us feeling a little more oriented in the city, but for me it felt a little like a repeat of the tour I accidentally found myself on yesterday.

There were a few interesting things that the guides at each place filled us in on, though. They really knew their stuff. One guy explained the Danish political system and parties in a way that I could more or less follow, and that’s saying a lot for his ability because politics are rarely something I feel I have a very strong grasp of.

After the DIS activities my whole class went to pick out bikes at a rental place called Baisikeli. I was really excited. I still am. I love my bike. My bike at home is attached to a trainer. Not this one! It cost me 710 kroner I think, but that’s for a month so I think that’s probably good. After we picked our respective bikes to foster we went over near Michelle’s neighborhood, Vesterbro, and had snacks and beer on the grass with a bunch of other people who had the same idea.

Aimee, Dara, Anne Marie, Miki, and I split from the group to go see Grimes who was playing across the bridge in Malmö, Sweden. I’m exhausted, but it was totally worth the extra caffeine and money -Grimes is a goddess.

I still don’t have any Internet here at my apartment since I’m on an iPad and there’s no wifi in my unit, only Ethernet cables. I have to go out into the hall to catch one of the unprotected connections. That’s my main excuse for lack of photos 😛

But here’s one:


I have discovered Danish butter. Uh oh.



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