To A Whole New Town

Tales from an American girl living in Denmark

May 23rd 2012


We’ve made it to Copenhagen! Or is it more proper to say København since I’m here and not in the U.S.? I think I’ll avoid any Danglish/Englansk for now. Above is a picture of all of us from Denver once we dropped our bags in our student apartments earlier. So the flights were smooth, my backpack didn’t tip me over backwards, I didn’t miss any connections, and I didn’t get lost (maybe because I had the benefit of following Brian around, but I still think some credit is due here). This morning upon arriving at the CPH airport I ran into loads of lost looking Americans huddled around a few people with DIS shirts so I joined the pack. Before long I was herded onto a bus, into a luggage warehouse, through an orientation (they provided an unlimited supply of apples and water there – sweet!), uh, then into a whirlwind mini tour during which I became aware that some Americans really do stand out for all of the stereotypical reasons… I had a few moments of secondhand embarrassment. Luckily I ran into a few of the people from MY group of Americans (those of us from CU Denver) and joined them instead. We ran around the city for a while and had a nice lunch in the park where hundreds of people were out sunbathing. Did I mention it’s HOT here? We’re in Scandinavia right? Ehmm… we were told it was going to be cold. I’m definitely not complaining, though!

One of the first things I notice about this city is how…cocoon-ey it feels. In a good way. The buildings are closer together than I’m used to at home, but not very many of them are super tall or skyscraper-esque. Despite the smaller scale feeling it still seems very easy to get lost in and kind of large overall (even though I know it’s not that big a city, comparatively). The other thing I notice is the biking culture, of course. I expected it, and have seen a very similar display of cycling frenzy in Amsterdam, but I think the Danes have the Dutch beat just judging from what I’ve seen today. I keep thinking how much my dad would love this – being surrounded by bikes. Also, people here are tall; even the women, which is nice for me since I’m usually the tallest girl in the room back home. A lot of the Danes I’ve seen going by have great personal style, too – I can already tell I’m going to have to work hard to moderate my staring habit. Anywayyyyy…

Tonight we had a little intro sesh about dos and don’ts in the dorms and all of that typical, well, intro stuff. Then it was off on a small field trip to the market. I LOVE seeing regular products in packaging that I’m not used to. The great thing about new, exciting packaging is that you actually notice how it does (or doesn’t) work, how the text is arranged, and what’s important to consumers here (this I derive from marketing claims so the accuracy of these generalizations is arguable). After the big shopping event our group sat together for some wine and settle in time, and now I’m blogging before bed. There. My first blog is complete. The following ones will sound more intelligent and academic hopefully. Bring it on KBH 😀


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